Translation programs

Wordtrans Wordtrans is a front-end for several dictionaries made with the Qt toolkit. Wordtrans allows you to use several dictionaries.
Ksteak KSteak is a KDE frontend for steak, an english - german dictionary. KSteak translates a given word or the lastest one in the X-Clipboard.
Klicklack Klicklack is a dictionary application for KDE. Offering plugins based on KSteak, KQuick and gocr, it combines a nice user interface with access to a large number of dictionaries translating between various languages, serving our goal to provide KDE users with the best usability together with the best information available.
Dead project? (latest update: Aug 2002)
Kdict Kdict is a graphical client for the DICT Protocol. It enables you to search through dictionary-like databases for a word or phrase, then displays suitable definitions. Kdict trys to ease basic as well as advanced queries. A separate list offers a convenient way to deal with the enormous number of matching words that a advanced query can return.
Babytrans Babytrans is a graphical front-end for GTK+/Gnome that allows you to use the dictionaries from Babylon Translator software available under Windows, on the Linux/X platform. It use only the old dictionnary format (.dic) and do not handle (yet) the new format (.bgl/.dat).
Dead project? (latest update: Nov 2002)
*Quick *Quick ist ein offenes Schnellübersetzungssystem, mit dem man Worte in andere Sprachen übersetzen (Was heißt Sauerkraut?), Abkürzungen erklären (Was bedeutet UMTS?), Fehlernummern erklären (Was will mir 404 sagen?), Postleitzahlen benennen (Welcher Ort hat die Postleitzahl 2602?), und vieles mehr kann.
ER-DICT ER-DICT is a free Estonian-Russian dictionary. The program is available in both GTK+ and Qt.


freedict A lot of free bilingual dictionaries
TEI TEI is an international and interdisciplinary standard that helps libraries, museums, publishers, and individual scholars represent all kinds of literary and linguistic texts for online research and teaching, using an encoding scheme that is maximally expressive and minimally obsolescent.

Optical Character Recognition OCR

Ocrad GNU Ocrad is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program implemented as a filter and based on a feature extraction method. It reads a bitmap image in pbm format and outputs text in ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) charset.
gocr GOCR is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program, developed under the GNU Public License. It converts scanned images of text back to text files.